Advice from our foie gras experts


Canard Soulard specializes in the production of foie gras and duck meat. With our advice and cooking tips, you can create unique and tasty dishes.

Happy cooking and, above all, happy eating!


  • Serving foie gras on its own

    foie gras à déguster

    If you want to serve foie gras on its own, discover our suggestions for preparing, cutting, garnishing and picking the perfect accompaniments for your enjoyment.
    Our advice for serving foie gras on its own

  • Cooking with foie gras

    foie gras à cuire

    Before your cook your foie gras, we can give you advice on a variety of techniques: water bath, oven, torchon, steam, coarse salt, etc.
    Our advice for cooking foie gras

  • Cooking duck meat

    viande de canard

    Cooking and prepping tips for duck meat: inner fillets, thighs, inner, whole duck, etc. Follow these steps for perfectly-cooked duck meat.
    Our advice for cooking duck meat

  • Preserving your foie gras

    Foie gras de canard entier

    Want to preserve your foie gras? Foie gras, a delicate, fragile product, must be preserved in order to retain all of its flavors and aromas.
    Our advice for preserving foie gras

  • Making the perfect duck confit

    Graisse de canard

    For a perfectly-cooked duck confit, Canard Soulard gives you the different prep steps and suggestions for accompanying your duck confit.
    Tips for making a perfect duck confit

  • Choosing the Right Foie Gras

    foie gras de canard truffes

    How well to choose its foie gras? What type of foie gras choose as an apéritif, an entrance or a dish? 

    Find all the advice to choose its foie gras according to your tastes, needs and budget!

  • Accompaniments to Our Meats

    sauce maison viande de canard

    To accompany your duck-meat dishes, discover our suggestions for preparing three home-made sauces: Barbecue, Béarnaise and Greek.

    Our sauce recipes in video