Our commitments

Traceability, quality, certification and appellations


The entire production chain is traced, from hatchery to finished good. Every step is controlled and verified.

On every Ernest Soulard product, you will find:

  • A batch number that allows consumers to obtain information about its production: farmer's name, feed given to the duck, day of slaughter, and more.
  • A Canard Soulard weight, price and traceability label.

How to trace your batch

  • Write to our Quality Department, by email to qualite@soulard.fr or by mail.
  • Provide the four-digit batch number, stamped on the product.
  • The Quality Department will provide you with the information about your product.

 Quality at Soulard

1. Specialization in a single animal: duck

We cover the entire production chain, so that we can better control the quality of our products: hatchery, feed plant, duck farm and processing workshop.

2. Fully-mastered environmental approach

  • Energy under control, with reduced power consumption
  • Ducks raised on farms close to the company, to reduce transportation time and improve our carbon footprint
  • Water treatment plant that allows us to achieve zero discharge into the environment
  • Methanization plant that allows us to control the discharge from our farms and our value chain

 3. Animal wellness: a pledge of quality in our products

Our ducks are raised on farms located within 50 km of the company, to prevent unnecessary stress on the birds and overly long transportation times.

We feed our ducks a very carefully-selected diet of French wheat and corn from our feed plant, so that we can control their growth and their well-being.

Controlling the entire value chain allows us to offer authentic products of superior quality, while implementing a real environmental strategy.

Our certifications

For a number of years now, Ernest Soulard has been committed to offering you high-quality products.

IFS (International Featured Standard)

IFS is a set of standards for suppliers of foodstuffs. Since 2004, Ernest Soulard has held the higher level of this certification, which guarantees safe, high-quality foodstuffs to consumers. An auditor from an outside organization examines 325 specific points related to food manufacturing and control, quality management, HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points), the building, and traceability.

For more information on IFS certification, you can visit their website at: https://www.ifs-certification.com

ISO 50001

In 2015, Ernest Soulard implemented a responsible energy management strategy. That commitment earned us ISO 50001 certification in 2016. The three-year certification shows that the company is engaged in a sustainable, environmentally-friendly approach that meets current environmental standards.

For information about ISO 50001 certification, you can visit their website at : https://www.iso.org/fr/iso-50001-energy-management.html