Fois gras : key figures

The history of foie gras dates back to Antiquity. Today, it is a key feature of French cuisine.

We're all familiar with the Christmas foie gras that is served to satisfy our tastebuds during the winter holidays! France is now known for foie gras, which is primarily served at gatherings and celebrations. Here are a few figures that will teach you more about the production of foie gras in France.

tranche de foie gras de canard

The French and foie gras

Today, more than 93% of French people eat foie gras, a figure that speaks volumes about the popularity of the product in French homes. 74% of households buy processed, ready-to-eat foie gras, while the other 26% purchase it raw.

It should also be mentioned that the French enjoy foie gras in a variety of ways: spread it on a slice of bread or cracker, garnished with caramelized onions or a mango chutney, for example, consume it as part of a more elaborate dish and, finally, eat it plain, with no additional accompaniments.